Instructional Tech Specialist - Morales, Jesus

Instructional Technology

Apple.pngMy name is Jesús Morales, and I am the Instructional Technology Specialist for the 11 Elementary Campuses. I am so excited to begin this school year because our district is taken very large steps, with a mountain of support, in order to ensure that our students are ready for the future. 

It is very important that we as teachers and instructional support personnel learn and evolve into the 21st century. Your Active Learning Leaders and the Instructional Technology team, will guide YOU every step of the way.  The 21st Century is no longer the place of lone heroes to solve the world's issues. It takes a team that can apply their skills and knowledge as one to make the world a better place. Let us teach our students how to collaborate and problem solve beyond standardized testing and dated textbooks books that surround them.

Remember to contact me if you ever need my assistance. I am an email away, or even better, Skype me using your Skype for Business account on your new Dell Latitude laptop. let's work together to help make our students shine.

Your friend,

Jesus M. Morales
Instructional Technology Specialist, EPISD

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