Principal's Corner
Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome all students to the 2015-2016 school year!  We are anticipating academic success for every student.

Communication among students, teachers, parents, and school administrators is critical in ensuring student success. Please take some time to read and review all school information with your child, such as homework assignments and other forms that will be sent throughout the year. Our calendar of events will be posted on our website.

Along with a quality education, the safety and security of your children is of utmost importance to me. When visiting the school, please report to the office and sign in if requested to do so. Supervision of students is available until 7:30 A.M.

Concerns should always be addressed with the teacher. I ask that you give campus personnel the opportunity to address all of your concerns. As always, school administration is available should you feel it necessary. To better serve you it is requested that you set an appointment.

Exemplary Student Conduct will be expected at all times and is critical to building academic achievement and great character. Our Character Program will promote positive student values. Take time to share with your child my expectations regarding their behavior at school. Student expectations will be sent out by the student’s teacher. In addition, the core values of the school are Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe!

I believe students learn in different ways and at a different pace. Please feel free to speak with your child’s teacher to ensure academic success.  

Parents/guardians play a vital role in the education of children. Proactive parental involvement assures student success. Children will experience fewer problems if you are actively involved. Become an active participant and join the school PTA.

Let’s have a great year!

Creating Success for a Lifetime: Every Child, Every Day

Jesse Medina, Principal
Burleson Elementary

Burleson Pledge:
We are the Vikings!
We know that we are responsible for one another.
We know that school is a place to learn.
We know that school is a place to give and receive friendship.
We know that school is a place to be successful!
We are the Vikings! Yeah!!

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